Sunday, July 31, 2011

Balloon, Birthday and a Family Tradition

1st Balloon
Mom, Sarah, Elizabeth and I went shopping in Jackson on Friday. We stopped to grab a quick lunch at Backyard Burger and an employee gave E her 1st balloon!

Friday night we went to the Prescott's for Mr. Wayne's birthday party. Once again being the horrible daughter-in-law, I forgot to bring the camera. On Saturday, we picked up his birthday present --- a golf cart. Happy 60th birthday Mr. Wayne - to many more celebrations!!!

Sunday morning we headed east to Pelahatchie for Shiloh Campmeeting 2011.

I'm so glad Elizabeth was able to attend her first campmeeting; the first of many. Despite the warm weather, we had a wonderful time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Recap

Grandma  and Grandpa's

Mam-ma and Pap-pa's

Headed out to Martin's at Midtown (:

Notice anything new? - I finally got a picture of her TWO pearly whites!

Pool Play

Happy at home!

"Can't we try something besides carrots??"

We had a much needed relaxing weekend. I think we ALL caught up on our sleep... Wishing all a wonderful week ahead!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Five months already?

5 months and SO much fun!! It's hard to believe our baby girl is 5 months, but there is no mistaking how much she has changed since February 9. What did we ever do without her??

Her latest trick?!?

Daddy with his prized possessions - E and his tomatoes

The last month has been one full of exciting changes for Elizabeth ....
* Has mastered the art of rolling - both front to back and back to front
* Has 2 pearly whites on the bottom
* Loves to grasp toys (or better yet, whatever she can get her hands on) and pass them between hands
* Can independently put her paci back in her mouth
* Favors her left hand... will be interesting to see if she is left-handed or right
* There is no mistaking she loves her daddy--- her face lights up when she sees him (:
* She is on the verge of sitting unsupported
* No changes noted in the eye color department - still BLUE and beautiful
* Loves water - beach, lake, bath...
* Loves to help hold her bottle
* Loves to play peek-a-boo
* For some reason she LOVES her changing pad- she can be hysterical and if I place her here, there is an instant smile and giggle

Elizabeth is wearing size 2 diapers and 9 month clothing. I'm a little concerned that all of the Christmas clothing we purchased last year might not fit; fingers crossed!! She continues to drink 6 oz bottles with one cereal snack a day. She is doing so much better eating from a spoon (: I want to start cereal feedings twice a day, and start incorporating stage 1 baby foods in as well. Another sign E is getting big ): Elizabeth's sleeping habits are becoming more routine. Naps (something I have made myself not stress out about) are usually shorter in the morning and longer in the afternoon. She continues to sleep through the night most of the time. This newfound rolling occasionally wakes her up.... And scares her mom to death when I wake up and she is on her stomach "near" the bumper. Her eyes, as mentioned above are gorgeous and blue. Her hair - hard to decide. It looks lighter some days, and darker others. It is still not long enough for her to wear a bow ):

I must say, photo shoots are a bit harder these days (:

But we gave it our best shot!!

She apparently thinks its funny (:

Sucking her thumb - just like momma did

Happy 5 month birthday E!!! We can't to see what fun the next month brings.
We aren't scheduled to see Dr. F until 6 months, so no stats to report. Next up... CARROTS!!
Stay tuned...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

Elizabeth and Emma

Smiling at who else but...daddy (:

We had a wonderful 4th weekend at Lake Bruin!!! Thanks to Anne` and Paw-Paw for having us!!